Stephen Curry showcases his remarkable 3 point shooting skills while playfully

Stephen Curry showcases his remarkable 3-point shooting skills while playfully outshining Dillon Brooks

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The Golden State Warriors secured their second road victory of the season with a thrilling 106-95 win against the winless Houston Rockets on Sunday. In what was a closely contested match, the Warriors have Stephen Curry to thank for their triumph.

Curry, who had been contained for most of the game, exploded at the 5:09 mark of the fourth quarter, sinking four consecutive 3-pointers within two minutes. This extraordinary display turned a one-point lead into an 11-point advantage for the Warriors. To cap off his phenomenal performance, Curry left Dillon Brooks of the Rockets flabbergasted with his dazzling moves.

Brooks deserves credit for his tough defense on Curry throughout the game. However, his efforts were fruitless as he was left confused and disoriented by Curry’s lightning-quick actions. Some may argue that Curry should have been called for a double dribble, as it appears he resumed dribbling after the ball came to a rest against his hip. Nevertheless, the officials missed the alleged infraction, making it more enjoyable to witness Brooks being outplayed.

When asked about Brooks’ defensive efforts, Curry responded, “We know what he’s about and his reputation. I don’t get caught up in that. I just play basketball. You obviously let the game do the talking.” As always, Curry’s actions on the court spoke louder than words, as he scored 14 crucial points in the final six minutes. Despite only scoring three points in the first half, Curry finished the game with an impressive total of 24 points, making six of his 14 attempted 3-pointers.

With a current record of 2-1, the Warriors face a quick turnaround as they travel to New Orleans to take on the undefeated Pelicans on Monday night. Rest assured, basketball fans will eagerly await another exceptional performance from Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors.

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