Soros funded District Attorney Focuses on Hotel Employment of Homeless Migrants

Soros-funded District Attorney Focuses on Hotel Employment of Homeless Migrants amid Union Strikes

Some California hotels are facing allegations of hiring migrants from Skid Row as union workers went on strike, according to the Los Angeles district attorney’s office. In response, a Soros-backed DA has launched an investigation into these claims.

Skid Row, located in Downtown Los Angeles, is known for its large population of homeless people. The area has been a hub for homeless individuals since the 1930s.

George Gascón, the Soros-backed DA, announced on Monday that he will be thoroughly investigating whether certain unionized hotels in the Santa Monica and Westchester area engaged in exploitative practices. Gascón emphasized the need for a fair and impartial investigation and stated that severe consequences would be in store if any violations of the law are found.

“We want to make sure that our community understands there will be no tolerance for the exploitation of refugees,” Gascón said.

Gascón’s concerns also include potential wage theft and violations of child labor law, as reported by the LA Times.

The investigation comes after allegations emerged that hotels in LA were hiring migrants to fill the positions left vacant by striking employees. The LA Times reported that among the accusations made against the hotels were the failure to provide breaks and the improper documentation of hours.

Kurt Petersen, co-president of the union organizing the strikes, Unite Here Local 11, criticized the hotels for employing desperate people from Skid Row to undermine the protests.

Instead of addressing Los Angeles’ housing crisis, Petersen argued, the hotel industry chooses to exploit the unhoused people as strikebreakers rather than paying their own workers a livable wage.

It’s worth noting that under a certain provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act, migrants with refugee or asylum status are legally allowed to seek employment, and employers are prohibited from discriminating against such candidates.

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