1698671169 Resultados de las elecciones en Medellin y Antioquia el 29

Resultados de las elecciones en Medellín y Antioquia el 29 de octubre de 2023 – Medellín – Colombia

Federico Gutiérrez and Andrés Julián Rendón emerged as winners in the elections for the Mayor’s Office of Medellín and the Governor’s Office of Antioquia, respectively.

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Both candidates led the count from start to finish, and their victories achieved record-breaking vote counts.

‘Fico’ received 689,519 votes, more than double what Daniel Quintero obtained in 2019, and secured 73.36 percent of the votes, far ahead of the 10.14 percent achieved by Juan Carlos Upegui, who finished in second place.

53.7 percent of the potential electorate in the capital of Antioquia voted. In other words, out of 1,807,248 eligible individuals, only 971,537 exercised their right to vote.

Of this total, 1.89 percent were null votes, and 7 percent were blank votes.

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Here are the election results in Medellín

A similar situation occurred in Antioquia, where out of 5,246,344 eligible individuals to vote, just over half voted, equivalent to 2,869,548 people (54.7 percent).

Andrés Julián Rendón received nearly one million votes (944,239), surpassing the 831,646 received by Aníbal Gaviria in 2019.

Luis Pérez, on the other hand, who aimed to reach one million votes, finished in second place with nearly 600,000 votes.

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2023 Antioquia Elections

Here are the election results in Antioquia

In these elections, 1.79 percent of the votes were null, while 255,266 people voted blank (almost 10 percent). This blank vote surpassed the fourth candidate in votes, Esteban Restrepo, who received 232,605 votes.

However, there are still 21 tables to be counted in the department to reach 100 percent of the count.

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Election summary

Elections in Medellin

Medellín. Massive turnout at the polling stations at Universidad Eafit. Photo by Jaiver Nieto @jaiverpress

The Electoral Observation Mission (MOE) reported that between 12:01 am and 3:30 pm on October 29, it received a total of 541 reports of possible irregularities and electoral crimes in the country.

Out of these, Antioquia ranked second with 91 reports, behind Bogotá, which reported 100.

11 reports of irregularities related to non-compliance with electoral procedures were received from Medellín, including possible misconduct by polling station volunteers such as the use of mobile phones at the polling station, allowing access with illegal companions, and improper handling of electoral materials.

«It is important to clarify that, according to the reported data, the coercion comes from private individuals and does not include actions by public officials. Thus, the main departments where irregularities due to free voting are reported are: Antioquia (29 reports), Bogotá (18 reports), and Bolívar (15 reports),» the entity reported.

Additionally, 121 denunciations were received in Antioquia through «Pilas con el Voto,» mostly related to vote buying, political migration, misuse of electoral advertising, and prohibited proselytizing actions.

Chaos and tension in Pueblorrico, Antioquia. Citizens express their dissatisfaction with preliminary results, reporting bags with torn votes for the losing candidates.

The current mayor must leave the municipality accompanied by escorts. pic.twitter.com/6TMcEJknSb

— Denuncias Antioquia (@DenunciasAntio2) October 30, 2023

«There were delays in starting the voting process in rural polling stations in the municipalities of Urrao, Ituango, and Frontino. At the end of the day, only the Pantano polling station in Frontino had to be relocated to the urban area. The day was peaceful and without public order issues, except for the disturbance in Pueblorrico at the end of the day

In this municipality in southwestern Antioquia, a group of citizens protested violently, alleging that they found discarded votes for the candidate who finished second in the elections.


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