One Word for Terror Supporters Exploiting Our Flawed Visa System

One Word for Terror Supporters Exploiting Our Flawed Visa System

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Marches shutting down city streets. Protests causing chaos on college campuses. Explosive messages taking over social media. These events are occurring right here in America, all because of a foreign terrorist organization that called for a “day of jihad,” encouraging violence across the nation and abroad.

The sight of these demonstrations is truly astonishing. At Florida Atlantic University, students proudly waved Taliban flags during a “pro-Palestine” protest. Meanwhile, hundreds of UCLA students chanted “intifada” as their Jewish classmates walked by. At George Washington University, a candlelight vigil was held for Hamas terrorists who lost their lives. Lastly, at the University of Pennsylvania, hundreds of students walked out of class, chanting, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

It is important to note that this slogan is not advocating for a “Free Palestine” or a two-state solution. According to the Anti-Defamation League, this chant can be interpreted as a call for a Palestinian state encompassing both the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, which includes the State of Israel. Essentially, it signifies the destruction of Israel and the elimination of its Jewish population.

What is even more disconcerting is that some of these protesters are American citizens who have never experienced the terror of living under constant rocket fire. Others are in America as guests, seeking refuge from dangerous situations in their home countries. However, instead of expressing gratitude for our freedoms and enjoying the benefits of our economy, they have chosen to rally behind foreign terrorists who not only aim to kill innocent civilians but also harbor a deep hatred for both America and Israel.

To those individuals, we have one simple message: LEAVE.

Foreign nationals who support Hamas and its brutal attacks on both Israelis and Americans have no place in our great nation. Furthermore, their presence here goes against the law. The Immigration and Nationality Act specifically prohibits the entry of anyone who endorses or supports terrorist activities or organizations. This includes individuals who defend or promote Hamas, whether through calls for intifada, jihad, or any other actions aimed at eradicating the State of Israel.

Let us not forget what triggered these demonstrations of anti-Semitism and pro-terrorism in the first place. On October 7, thousands of Hamas terrorists crossed the border fence into southern Israel. They mercilessly killed 260 young people, including Americans, at an outdoor dance festival. They attacked small farming communities, committing heinous acts such as rape, infanticide, and the slaughter of the elderly. The total number of innocent lives lost exceeded 1,400, and 229 hostages are currently being held captive in Gaza. Among the victims, 33 are Americans, while another 10 remain unaccounted for.

This horrifying event, which marks the deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust, was celebrated by leaders throughout the Middle East. Iran hailed it as a new chapter in the fight against “occupiers,” Iraq considered it a natural consequence of “systematic oppression,” and Qatar placed the blame solely on Israel. Even Syrian and Lebanese Hezbollah expressed their enthusiastic support for Hamas and its actions.

While these shocking words are expected from those outside of America, it is truly surprising that they are now being echoed within our own borders, with protests celebrating the most extreme forms of brutality. Some may argue that foreign nationals on visas are protected by the First Amendment. However, this is not a matter of free speech. It is about abiding by the terms of their visas, which constitute a voluntary agreement between them and the U.S. government, granting them temporary presence in our country.

Those who incite violence or endorse terrorist activities, such as supporting Hamas, Islamic Jihad, or attacks against Jews, are in clear violation of the conditions of their visas. As a result, they should not be welcomed as guests in America any longer. It really is that straightforward.

To Americans who support Hamas, it is crucial to think twice. While it is within your rights to hold such beliefs and express them verbally, any actions taken to incite violence or provide material support will be met with full prosecution under the law.

Recently, Pennsylvania’s junior senator remarked that “America is not sending their best and brightest to Washington, D.C.” Last week, his Democratic colleagues, including Senator Bob Casey, proved him right by opposing efforts to revoke visas for foreign nationals who support terrorism. This should be a moment for us to come together during a time of crisis.

Politics may be seen as a team sport, with Republicans donning red jerseys and Democrats in blue, but this kind of thinking has only paralyzed Washington. Ultimately, we are all on Team America. This is a matter of common sense. Let us work together and do what is right for our nation by swiftly expelling any foreign nationals who abuse our freedoms to endorse and promote the most depraved acts of terror.

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