Michigan womans disbelief turns to joy as she realizes husbands

Michigan woman’s disbelief turns to joy as she realizes husband’s $1M lottery win is not just a dream

Michigan Family Wins $1 Million Jackpot in Powerball Drawing

A Michigan family experienced a surreal dream-come-true moment when they discovered that they had won a whopping $1 million in the Powerball drawing. Charles Wolthuis, a 78-year-old avid Powerball player, couldn’t believe his luck when he checked the winning numbers hotline and found out that he had matched five numbers.

In disbelief, Wolthuis decided to confirm his incredible find with his daughter. After providing her with the numbers, she confirmed the astonishing news – her father had indeed won $1 million! Wolthuis’s wife, Jean, was equally stunned when he woke her up to share the life-changing news. Initially thinking it was a joke, she went back to sleep. However, upon waking up later, she realized it wasn’t a dream after all – they were now millionaires!

Excited about their win, Wolthuis plans to use the money to purchase a brand-new truck. The winning ticket was purchased at Purk’s in Ionia, Michigan, specifically at 875 East Lincoln. The couple still can’t believe their incredible luck and are grateful for the life-changing opportunity that the lottery has presented to them.

This unexpected windfall has brought joy and excitement to the Wolthuis family, allowing them to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

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