Les Juifs francais vivent dans la peur alors que lantisemitisme

Les Juifs français vivent dans la peur alors que l’antisémitisme augmente après les attaques du Hamas – POLITICO

SARCELLES, France — A usually lively neighborhood in Sarcelles called “Little Jerusalem” has become eerily quiet following Hamas’ deadly assault against Israel on October 7. Locals are keeping their movements to a minimum, with restaurants and cafés empty of their regular clientele due to fear of increasing antisemitic attacks across France. France has witnessed more antisemitic incidents in the last three weeks than in the past year, with offenses ranging from verbal abuse to physical assaults. Antisemitic acts under investigation include groups shouting threats in front of synagogues and antisemitic graffiti sprayed outside a stadium. Extra police and soldiers have been deployed at Jewish schools and places of worship since the attacks. The delicate balance between the Jewish and Muslim communities in Sarcelles is being tested. Many Jews in Sarcelles are of Sephardic origin and have lived in North Africa before coming to France. The Muslim and Jewish populations have lived together in relative harmony for decades, sharing a similar culture and even speaking some Arabic. Relations between the communities are amicable, but politics, especially the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is an off-limits topic. Many Jews have chosen to emigrate to Israel in recent years, but the recent attacks by Hamas have shattered the image of Israel as a secure sanctuary for Jews. Some French families have returned from Israel seeking temporary shelter in Sarcelles.

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