1698681367 Leonardo Castro sorprende llegando a la sede de Millonarios vestido

Leonardo Castro sorprende llegando a la sede de Millonarios vestido de ‘El Guasón’ – Fútbol Colombiano – Deportes

The performance of the capital team, Millonarios FC, in the current season has not done justice to the dominance that many expected after being champions in the previous semester.

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However, and in the spirit of Halloween, player Leonardo ‘Leo’ Castro arrived at the club’s concentration wearing a ‘spooky’ costume, which surprised and lifted the spirits of his teammates.

Documented in a video by midfielder Larry Vásquez, and published on Millonarios’ official social media, the team’s followers were able to see Castro dressed up, with a suit, tie, and Joker mask from Batman.

«Leonardo Castro: The Joker!», Vásquez narrated while filming his teammate. «And over here we also have ‘The Guasá'», joked the cameraman as he saw goalkeeper Juan Moreno chatting on his phone, unleashing laughter in the dressing room.

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The fans took the clip as a good sign, seeing the team united, joyful, and emanating good vibes, something crucial for good performance on the field.

«Great to see the team united», «Let’s go Leo, scare them in Cali», «The Joker and The Guasá, hahaha» and «The champion can dress up however they want» were some of the comments from fans on the club’s social media.

(Of interest: Millonarios is in mourning: President Gustavo Serpa’s father has died).

Millonarios plays today, October 30, against América in Cali, in the penultimate match of the regular season of the Liga BetPlay Dimayor. It’s worth noting that both teams have already secured their spot in the playoffs.

América de Cali, however, is playing for second place, which would allow them to be the head of their playoff group, so the ‘embajadores’ cannot expect an easy match.

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