1698684161 Las promesas del nuevo alcalde de Villavicencio Alexander Baquero

Las promesas del nuevo alcalde de Villavicencio, Alexander Baquero – Otras Ciudades – Colombia.

The mayor-elect of Villavicencio Alexander Baquero is committed to recovering security and order in the city as one of the pillars of his government, which is the main criticism of the outgoing mayor Felipe Harman’s government.

Summarize in 20 points the proposals of his government registered with the Registrar’s Office, including the construction of a convention center for the Orinoquia, a theme park on Cerro de Cristo Rey, and the construction of an alternate water supply for the city’s aqueduct.

The issue of the aqueduct is recurrent, due to the difficulties of the eternal problem of continuous water supply for the users of the Acueducto y Alcantarillado Company, which provides service to about 400,000 people, 80 percent of the people from Villavicencio.

The frequent water supply failures lead administrations to concentrate technical, human, and economic efforts on providing water again once interruptions occur, leaving behind the commitment to a definitive solution, as has been the case in the last twelve years.

Regarding the security issue, he points out that he will reactivate community alarms, dismantle microtrafficking gangs, build an Immediate Response Center in the city center, as well as in other critical points of the city, and fully operate the Command and Control Center.

He also includes the construction of housing for families with greater vulnerability, equip schools with modern technology, restore the marshes and rivers of the municipality, and include proposals for the most vulnerable sectors.


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