1698676620 Las decisiones anunciadas la noche anterior por Cortizo ya han

Las decisiones anunciadas la noche anterior por Cortizo ya han sido publicadas en la Gaceta; el contenido de los proyectos que se propondrán sigue siendo desconocido.

Gaceta Oficial woke up this Monday, October 30th, with the enactment of the two decisions announced last night by President Laurentino Cortizo, in his address to the country amidst protests, road closures, and class suspensions in rejection of the contractual law between the Panamanian State and Minera Panama, S.A.

These are two resolutions from the Cabinet Council (number 124 and number 125). The first authorizes the Minister of Trade and Industries, Federico Alfaro, to present a bill that prohibits granting new concessions for the exploitation of metallic mining in the country. This mining moratorium had already been adopted last Friday, through Executive Decree 23. Now, it will be elevated to a law of the Republic.

The other resolution, number 125, authorizes the Minister of Government, Roger Tejada, to present a bill that invites a popular consultation to decide on the termination or not of Law 406 of 2023, which is the one that adopts the contract with Minera Panama. Cortizo promised that the result of this consultation will be «binding.»

Despite the publication of both resolutions, the content of the bills to be presented to the National Assembly today is still unknown.

Information in progress…

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