1698643957 Larque exprime son coup de gueule apres les incidents

Larqué exprime son coup de gueule après les incidents : « J’ai peur et je suis perdu dans ce pays »

Following the serious incidents that occurred before the Olympico between OM and OL, leading to the match being postponed, Jean-Michel Larqué strongly criticized the security.

French football experienced another dark evening this Sunday. While the Olympico between Marseille and Lyon promised to be intense on the field due to the sporting stakes, the evening spiraled out of control around 7 pm when the Lyon players’ bus was bombarded with projectiles before arriving at the Vélodrome stadium. Fabio Grosso and his assistant Raffaele Longo were seriously injured in the face, and the Rhône coach received twelve stitches.

The dark events of Sunday evening greatly concern Jean-Michel Larqué, who voiced a strong outcry about insecurity. « In our dear France, we are unable to ensure the security of a bus. And in a year, we will have the Olympic Games, with the opening ceremony taking place over 12 kilometers. I’m scared, » he admitted on RMC’s After show.

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« Nobody’s security is ensured today »

« Desperate » in the face of the situation, Jean-Michel Larqué no longer « understands this country. » « Whether it’s a paving stone, a beer can, or both at the same time, or one after the other, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that nobody’s security is ensured today, not even that of a bus. I’m not even talking about a convoy, I’m talking about a bus. We’re not capable of doing it. And at the same time, they tell us that supporters must be able to travel. But they’re fooling us. »

In addition to the players’ bus, three buses carrying supporters of the Gones were also targeted during their journey to the Marseille stadium. Windows were shattered, and several people inside were injured. While the match was postponed, Fabio Grosso’s players went to greet their fans present in the visitors’ area at around 10:30 pm, before leaving on a replacement bus.

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