Jen Psaki Criticizes GOP Speaker Mike Johnson for Embracing Religious Fundamentalism

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki, who now hosts the show “Inside with Jen Psaki” on MSNBC, strongly criticized the newly elected Republican Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, for his religious beliefs. During her show on Sunday, Psaki referred to Johnson as a “religious fundamentalist” and questioned his ability to be a threat given his conservative nature, past collaborations with Democrats, and his appearance in a suit and glasses.

Psaki played a clip in which Johnson described himself as a “Bible-believing Christian.” In response to Johnson’s comments, Psaki emphasized that the Bible not only informs his worldview but is actually his worldview.

Psaki further expressed her concerns about Johnson in an article she wrote for MSNBC, warning her audience that he is not only alarming because of his political ideologies but also because of his strong Christian beliefs. She argued that Johnson is essentially a Christian fundamentalist.

Johnson’s use of references to God and the Bible during his public appearances as Speaker of the House has received mixed reactions online. While conservatives have praised his open display of Christianity, liberals have criticized him for supposedly disregarding the Constitution and the principles of the New Testament.

During his speech to Congress after his election, Johnson asserted that he believes God is the one who appoints people in positions of authority. He stated that he sees his role as Speaker as part of God’s plan and emphasized the responsibility he feels to serve the American people.

Psaki’s critique of Johnson and his religious beliefs has sparked a debate among viewers. While some applaud her for raising concerns, others view her remarks as an attack on Johnson’s faith and a violation of religious freedom.

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