House Speaker Johnson considering Hunter subpoena as Biden impeachment inquiry moves ahead

Newly-appointed House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., has made a stunning announcement regarding the impeachment inquiry into President Biden. Johnson emphasized the importance of upholding the rule of law and following the truth, in contrast to what he believes the Democrats did against former President Donald Trump. He expressed his commitment to following the law and the Constitution and allowing the evidence to speak for itself. Johnson stated that in the coming days and weeks, the American people will see why they are taking the next steps and where the investigation is headed.

Regarding the possibility of subpoenaing Hunter Biden during the investigation, Johnson mentioned that they are considering the option but have not made a decision yet. Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy previously stated that Hunter Biden would be subpoenaed, but only at the appropriate time. McCarthy emphasized the importance of basing the decision on facts and timing, rather than for political reasons.

Johnson further stated that House Republicans are actively gathering evidence, and their work is far from over. He believes that the American people deserve answers and that their suspicions are being affirmed by the evidence gathered so far. Johnson highlighted the importance of bank records in connecting the dots and mentioned that they already possess a significant amount of evidence. He stated that they will see where this evidence leads.

In addition to discussing the impeachment inquiry, Johnson also addressed other topics such as support for Israel, antisemitism on college campuses, and government spending. He expressed openness to a short-term stopgap funding measure through January 15, in order to avoid an omnibus spending bill and ensure separate appropriations bills.

Overall, House Speaker Mike Johnson’s statements indicate a promising future for the impeachment inquiry, with a focus on upholding the rule of law and following the evidence. The investigation into President Biden and his son Hunter Biden is ongoing, as House Republicans continue to gather evidence and connect the dots.

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