1698654316 Gerald Darmanin demande les peines de prison les plus severes

Gérald Darmanin demande les peines de prison les plus sévères possibles

Following the serious incidents that occurred in Marseille and led to the cancellation of the OM-OL match at the Vélodrome Stadium, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced that five police officers were injured and nine people were arrested. He also wants severe sanctions to be imposed on those causing trouble.

Scenes of chaos unfolded on Sunday evening in Marseille. The Olympico did not take place. The highly-anticipated match between OM and OL in the 10th round of Ligue 1 was postponed to a later date due to the serious incidents that occurred outside the Vélodrome Stadium. The bus carrying the Olympique Lyonnais team and their supporters were attacked by Marseille supporters. The coach of the Gones, Fabio Grosso, as well as his assistant, were injured in the face. « This is unacceptable, » Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin responded Monday morning during an interview on RMC-BFMTV. L’Equipe titled « Morons, » which is the most appropriate word. We have five injured police officers and nine arrests. The video surveillance will likely help us apprehend other individuals. »

« It is up to the clubs to manage their supporters »

After reminding everyone that 500 police officers were mobilized for this match, Gérald Darmanin refused to acknowledge any failure on the part of the authorities regarding these serious incidents that occurred outside the stadium: « People threw beer cans at a bus. Do you think it is the responsibility of the police officers? No, it is the responsibility of those who threw the beer can. We should not reverse the values. We hope to severely condemn these individuals. Since the start of the season, I have banned three supporters’ movements, including twice for OM, unfortunately. Perhaps we should systematically ban the presence of supporters in stadiums. »

Regarding sanctions, the Interior Minister holds the LFP accountable and demands strict punishment for those causing trouble: « In the world of football, we know that there are hooligans or extremely violent individuals who have been banned from stadiums and must understand that violence has no place. I hope there will be administrative and sports sanctions. It will be up to the French Football League (LFP) to enforce them. Sanctions for the clubs? It is up to the clubs to manage their supporters. And I hope we will have the most severe prison sentences possible in order to condemn these supporters who spoil the festivities for everyone, » concludes the Interior Minister.

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