Exorcist Priest Warns Against Ouija Board Use Asserts Existence of

Exorcist Priest Warns Against Ouija Board Use, Asserts Existence of Angels, Demons, Spirits, and Souls

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Title: Exorcist Priest Warns Against the Dangers of Ouija Boards

Ouija boards and other attempts to communicate with the dead might seem like harmless fun, but they are actually spiritually dangerous practices, according to an exorcist priest. Father Dan Reehil, who underwent exorcism training at Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum in Rome, expressed his concerns in an interview with Fox News Digital. He emphasized that there is much more to this world than meets the eye, including angels, demons, spirits, and souls.

Father Reehil explained that an exorcist is a priest selected and appointed by a bishop to perform deliverance ministry. Exorcism serves as a particular form of prayer utilized by the Catholic Church to combat the power of the devil. He further explained that exorcisms can be divided into two categories: major and minor. Major exorcisms are reserved for individuals who are clearly possessed by a demon, while minor exorcisms are associated with sacraments and blessings.

The priest noted that demonic incursion can manifest in three levels: temptation, obsession (or oppression), and possession. Temptation is a common experience for all individuals, but obsession occurs when demons torment people physically, spiritually, mentally, or emotionally. Possession, the most well-known level, happens when a demon takes physical control over a person’s body.

Engaging in occult practices, such as using Ouija boards to communicate with the dead, unintentionally opens the door to demonic activity. Father Reehil emphasized that demons are known to deceive and impersonate deceased individuals. Using an Ouija board invites demons into one’s life, whether or not the person intends for it to happen.

Originally developed as a parlor game in the late 19th century, Ouija boards were a part of the popular spiritual activities of that time. The board consists of an alphabet, “yes,” “no,” “goodbye,” and numbers zero through nine. To use the board, individuals place their hands on a planchette, which supposedly moves to spell out answers to questions.

The patent for the Ouija board was awarded in 1891 after Helen Peters, a medium, and attorney Elijah Bond demonstrated the board’s functionality by spelling out the patent officer’s name. The boards were eventually mass-produced by the Kennard Novelty Company and later acquired by Parker Brothers in 1967. Today, Hasbro produces and markets the Ouija board as a means to communicate with the spirit world.

Father Reehil firmly disagrees with the characterization of Ouija boards as mere toys or games. He viewed them as forms of divination, which the Bible condemns. He emphasized that using an Ouija board has significant spiritual consequences beyond our control. The priest also cited the infamous case of “Roland Doe,” a boy who allegedly became possessed by a demon after playing with an Ouija board, which inspired the book and film “The Exorcist.”

Citing personal experiences, Father Reehil revealed that he has encountered six cases of demonic oppression linked to Ouija board usage. Victims experienced night terrors, suicidal thoughts, and despair. One man even had chicken bones impaled in his leg, seemingly thrown by unseen forces. The demonic activity ceased only after deliverance prayers were said and the participants renounced their involvement with the demons.

In conclusion, Father Reehil urged people to steer clear of occult practices and instead stay close to God. Seeking to engage with demons leads individuals away from the true path. His warning serves as a reminder that seemingly innocent activities can have profound spiritual consequences.

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