Elecciones Colombia 2023: Estos son los alcaldes que resultaron electos en ciudades de Santander, Colombia.

Closing the count of the National Registry, the mayors of the metropolitan area of Bucaramanga were announced.

For Floridablanca, José Fernando Sánchez won with over 54 thousand votes, which represents 41.01%, defeating candidate Sergio Flechas, who was supported by the current mayor Miguel Moreno.

The new mayor of the sweet city is 38 years old and an environmental technologist. He also studied a specialization in public administration. In his political career, he was a councilor in 2015 and 2019.

Sánchez is being investigated for alleged irregularities in the election of the local attorney in 2015. The trial has been postponed until April 2024.

For the mayorship of Piedecuesta, the candidate of the current mayor Mario José Carvajal won. It is Óscar Javier Santos Galvis, who obtained 27,888 votes.

The new mayor of the garrotero municipality had a coalition with Hagamos Equipo por Piedecuesta and had the endorsement of the Centro Democrático and Aico.

As for Girón, it seems like a story of Barranquilla’s version in Santander. In this municipality, Campo Elías Ramírez Padilla won with 35,265 votes.

Ramírez, 36, is the new mayor of Girón. He has a degree in dentistry and a specialization in public management.

The new mayor is the brother of Jhon Abiud Ramírez, former mayor of Girón, and the son-in-law of Yulia Ramírez, Jhon Abiud’s ex-wife, who is the current mayor.

This means that this locality has been governed under the same directive for eight years.

In the case of Girón, Rodolfo Hernández triumphed, as his party Liga de Gobernantes Anticorrupción endorsed Ramírez and had the co-endorsement of Mais, ASI, La U party, and Colombia Renaciente.

Diego Armando Mendoza won in Los Santos with 3,412 votes, equivalent to 43.23% of the vote.

In Barichara, the most beautiful town in Colombia, Milton Chaparro won with 3,766 votes, equivalent to 61.09% of the vote.

Edgar Orlando Pinzón won in San Gil with 10,605 votes, representing 35.4%.

Bucaramanga, October 29, 2023. This is how the elections for mayors, council members, and aldermen are progressing in the city of Bucaramanga. Regional Elections 2023.
Photo by Jaime Moreno

Correspondent of EL TIEMPO – Bucaramanga

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