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Córdoba: Protestas durante la jornada electoral en Chinú – Otras Ciudades – Colombia

A protest riot over the results in the regional elections that were recorded in Chinú (Córdoba) ended with a fire at the headquarters of the National Civil Registry in this municipality.

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According to Colonel John Freddy Suárez Guerrero, commander of the National Police in Córdoba, the electoral process in the department proceeded normally and Chinú was one of the municipalities where the behavior of the voters was good.

However, at the end of the day, as the results became known and the electoral witnesses considered that there were alleged failures against a candidate, the situation changed completely.

This is how the protests started

They threw stones at the Police and things then moved to the Registry Office

Two candidates disputed the Mayor’s Office of Chinú and they were always the most favored ones.

They are Roberto Carlos Ramírez Trujillo, who ran for the Political and Programmatic Coalition formed among others by the Liberal and Conservative Parties. While Edelberto Enrique Cabrales Otero did it for the Social Revolution Party.

«Everything started because the witnesses and followers of the political campaign of Edelberto Cabrales Otero started a protest when they considered that some anomalies were occurring at the polling station of Colegio San Francisco,» said the source, who requested anonymity.

The source said that, when they were not allowed to enter the place, they tried to force their way in by breaking the windows of the institution.

«There was a confrontation with the National Police and the Mobile Anti-Riot Squad (Esmad). They threw stones at the Police and then things moved to the Registry Office,» he said.

In this place, several people set fire to the seats and the entrance of the institution.

«In that area of the municipality, the confrontations with the National Police continued until things could be controlled,» he said.


Chinú residents in Córdoba set fire to the Registry Office in protest over the local results in the regional elections on Sunday, October 29. The municipality woke up today with the security provided by the Police. pic.twitter.com/hat9E6a2O5

— Pachobarrios3 (@pachobarrios3) October 30, 2023

Authorities report tranquility

Colonel John Freddy Suárez Guerrero, commander of the Police in Córdoba, said that things did not escalate further, that they had set fire to the entrance of the Registry Office, but that everything was under control.

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He stated that the National Police is in the municipality, conducting constant patrols, and that tranquility prevails now.

In the end, Roberto Carlos Ramírez Trujillo was elected mayor with 16,810 votes and his follower, Edelberto Enrique Cabrales Otero, with 12,877 votes, a lead of 3,933 votes.

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