Cabinet Minister Grant Shapps Refuses to Speculate on Home Secretary’s Future: Suella Braverman’s Row | Politics News

A veteran cabinet minister has declined to comment on whether Suella Braverman will still be home secretary in a week’s time.

When asked about Braverman on Sunday Morning with Trevor Phillips, Defence Secretary Grant Shapps stated that a “week is a long time in politics” and that he would not be making any predictions.

The composition of the cabinet is “entirely a matter for the prime minister,” he added.

Politics latest: Minister questioned on Braverman’s future after far-right violence

This lack of an endorsement followed calls from Labour’s shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper for Rishi Sunak to dismiss the home secretary.

The controversy comes in the wake of yesterday’s unrest in London, when pro-Palestine protesters marched through London – as did counter-protesters.

There were dozens of arrests on both sides, and more are expected.

Ms Braverman has been accused of heightening tensions with an article she authored last week in The Times, which accused the Metropolitan Police of having double-standards on how it polices different protests based on political affiliation.

Downing Street is currently investigating how the article was published without edits they had wanted made.

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